Friday, April 1, 2005

Don't You Call Me a Mindless Philosopher

I took the Entertainment Weekly Star Wars quiz this week. Well, I didn't so much take it as read it.

The Padwan level was absurdly easy -- even someone who hates Star Wars could probably get a passing score. I think the middle level was "Jedi Knight," and it did require the knowledge one might expect of a casual fan or a nonfan with a good memory. But it was a blow-off for anyone who's watched the films repeatedly and regularly.

Then the quiz jumped to "Jedi Master" and into the realm of the ridiculous. Hardly any of the questions addressed the films themselves. Instead, they focused on trivia about the actors and crew members. I had certainly never heard that there is a rumor that Anakin Skywalker was named after some director whom I had also never heard of.

I almost suspect that the magazine's editors didn't really want to provide a test that would please fans of the series. I could very well imagine them dreaming up the questions, saying, "Okay, we want to make sure that the first two levels make our readers feel clever about knowing most of the answers, while the third level makes them think, 'Only a total spaz would know that.'" Thus, the average reader would come away feeling both intelligent and superior.

I just felt glad that someone had loaned me the issue, instead of me buying it.


  1. Hey, EW did have a really cool cover for this issue at least. It was also interesting to find out that George Lucas will continue to tinker with the films until he dies.

  2. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't sorry that I'd read it. Rick McCallum relates a very funny anecdote about a dream he had, and that image alone was worth the more annoying aspects of the quiz. I just wish they'd written a quiz for which my section scores hadn't gone 100%, 100%, 20%.